Our complete service includes a fully-fitted mobile phone car kit, on-site installation and 2-year warranty.

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Unlike other hands free install companies, we use only the best accredited and verified engineers across the UK.

Customer testimonials

Just to say thanks for sorting out my kit – 02/10/2013Two et Reg kits fitted – Thanks Barwell – 16/08/2013Bury system 9 and Iphone 4s cradle. installed thanks – 15/06/2013Supply THB system 8 iPhone 5 cradle – 13/06/2013CC9058 – fantastic car kit – 03/06/2013Thanks for the tracker install. PJ Lee – 02/06/2013Active holder for Nokia Lumia 900 – 25/05/2013Nokia Asha Bury cradle – 23/05/2013TK30 installed with system 9 base and cradle for iPhone 4 – thanks – 22/05/20132 SERVICE CALLS TO SOFT WARE FLASH – MAY 2013 – 22/05/2013THB system 8 & cradle for Cancer Research UK – 20/05/2013De install of car kit & tracker. – 17/05/2013good service – 15/05/2013Quick and easy to arrange De Install. Thanks Guy – 09/05/2013install of THB bury system 8 – thanks – 03/05/2013Bury system 8 working very well with my Iphone 4S. – 19/04/2013Parrot CK3100 fitted today – thanks – 18/04/2013install into MAN Truck – thanks – 16/04/2013Bury 9068 App- extremely happy with this kit – 16/04/2013Thanks for de- installing and re- installing the kit into my Nissan Navara – 15/04/2013Another CC9049. Thanks – 12/04/2013Bury cc 9048 nice kit works well with my Samsung – 05/04/2013Thanks you for De install. John – 05/04/2013De- Re Install – Thanks professional service once again. Stuart – 03/04/2013Bury cc 9048 most popular kit – 27/03/2013good service thank you – 26/03/2013Parrot Mki 9000 into Saab 9-3 – Perfect – 26/03/2013feed back was good kept me in the loop – 25/03/2013Thank you for the service call. Mark – 22/03/2013Service Call done all up and running. Azeddine – 22/03/2013good guys would recommend – 20/03/2013with over 80 cars we have used Select for 7 years still getting good service – 20/03/2013I have used select for 17 years with over 50 cars /vans they look after us well. – 19/03/2013kit reset and all is well thank you Lena – 19/03/2013We’ll even install your own kit. – 19/03/2013would tell my friends – 14/03/2013ck 3100 good kit would buy again from select – 08/02/2013Thank you for promt service call. ECP Team – 26/01/2013Parrot CK3100. OCE UK LTD – 24/01/2013Bury cc 9058 with brodit holder. – 21/01/2013Bury CC 9058 X 5. Many thanks for fantastic service. SSAFA – 19/01/2013Bury cc 9048 – 16/01/2013System 9 base and BB 9300 cradle. MMF Ltd – 15/01/2013De & RE install of Parrot CK3100> Airea PLC – 15/01/2013Bury cc 9058 lovely piece of kit. A – 11/01/2013Another install of Bury cc 9058 – MBNL – 08/01/2013Thank for fitting Tellit roadrunner units into trucks for Lloyd Fraser. – 08/01/2013Parrot MKi9000 installed. Thank you Royston – 24/12/2012service call done. Thank you Robin – 20/12/2012Many thanks excellent service. Darren – 11/12/2012CC9048 Fantastic kit – thanks Doncaster – 07/12/2012Thanks of service call. Andy OCE UK Ltd – 19/11/2012Excellent turn around time. Susan @ SPECIALISED CANVAS SERVICES – 17/11/2012Tellit Roadrunner install – Lloyd Fraser – 06/11/2012Thanks for deinstalling car kit on short notice. Dave – 05/11/20122 x THB Bury kits fitted thanks – excellent service. Lucas – 02/11/2012Service call done all now working 100%. Robert @ Goodridge Actuations Systems – 22/10/2012Thank you for installing my Garmin Nuvi. – 13/10/2012Parrot 9000 with steering wheel controls work very well. Duncan – 13/10/2012thank you for doing de & re install and supplying BT Premium cradle. Peter – 12/10/2012WELL DONE and thank you Eleanor my thb 9058 works well – 10/10/2012Parrot Mki9200 is a good kit and works well in my Ford Focus. Helen – 08/10/2012Bury 9060 Music fitted 10/10 & system 9 cradle for iPhone 4. Robert – 08/10/2012Thank you for de installing my car kit. Stuart – 08/10/2012Parrot Mki9000 was installed ilnto my MITSUBISHI Shogun, works 100% Thanks you Russell – 06/10/2012Thank you for supplying the lead for my re install. Rick – 24/09/2012Thank you for the service call to replace the broken antenna. Kevin – 24/09/2012Parrot MKi 9000 -demonstrated was very well presented. Chris – 19/09/2012MKi 9000 extremely easy kit to use, works well with iPhone 4S. Nick – 17/09/2012Service call was done same day – Many thanks Lucy – 14/09/2012De install & a re installed into my new Land Rover done, all working well. Thank you Carole – 13/09/2012Parrot MKi9000 into Citroen Nemo. – 13/09/2012Love the BT Premium cradle can use my smart phone as a Sat Nav now. Fred – 12/09/2012BT Premium cradle works well with Nokia Luma 610 – 10/09/2012Thank you for De Installing my old kit and replacing with Bury 9048. Ken – 07/09/2012Thank you for service call. Steve – 05/09/2012Parrot MKi9100 Nice compact kit fit perfectly into my Lexus – 04/09/2012Thanks you for De installing my car kit – 04/09/2012Motorola TK30 with system 9 cradle is fantastic kit. Tony – 03/09/2012New remote working well. Billy – 25/04/2012Parrot CK3100 – fantastic kit works brilliantly with iPhone 4s, reception very clear. Ben – 14/02/2012Fantastic job, engineer did perfect job and Bury 9060 working well. Ian – 13/02/2012Excellent service – 07/02/2012Great support system – 03/02/2012Easy to deal with and they look after you – 02/02/2012To be honest I can keep on counting them but most important things that I would like point are 24 X 7 support, trust worthy team, technically sound people and never say no attitude from Select team. – 31/01/2012Brilliant ! – 13/01/2012There’s always someone to help – 11/01/2012Value for money good job done well thank you – 10/01/2012Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for all your help and support with the kits you have made dealing with your company easy and a pleasure Yet again Thank you – 05/01/2012Pleasure to do business with, great customer service – 03/01/2012Very prompt and efficient service – 22/12/2011Would definitely do business with you again – 20/12/2011Quick and helpful assistance – 14/12/2011Brilliant customer service – Andrew Leng – 06/12/2011Can’t fault the service we received! Thanks Select – Shawn, Jaguar – 02/12/2011Top kit and service received, many thanks – Wayne, Biomerieux – 02/12/2011Love my Parrot CK3100!! Top marks to Select – Michelle Cox – 30/11/2011Love my car kit! – Jo – 28/11/2011Brilliant car kit, thanks very much – Liz Johnson – 28/11/2011Excellent car kit – Stephein, OCE – 24/11/2011Very quick response – 24/11/2011Brilliant customer service, highly recommendable – Marcus Deeley – 23/11/2011Thanks to Select for excellent service – Catherine – 22/11/2011Quick turnaround and staff know their stuff. Excellent! – Massimiliai Sale – 22/11/2011Thanks to Select for excellent service from start to finish – Lynda Allen – 22/11/201110/10 for service! – Richard W – 21/11/2011Top engineer and top car kit, thank you Select – Tim Whitehouse – 17/11/2011Many thanks to Select for installing my handsfree – Gillian, OCE – 17/11/2011Thanks very much Select, top service – Leon, OCE – 16/11/2011Car kit working fab, good engineer too – Kevin – 16/11/2011Quick, polite and know their stuff. Definitely recommending Select – Yolande, CR UK – 15/11/2011Brilliant service, thank you! – Mike Kenneally – 15/11/201111/10 for service! – Kevin Corbyn – 11/11/2011Thanks to Select for providing me with a brilliant handsfree solution, couldn’t be without it – Belinda – 11/11/2011Brilliant, thank you Select – Samantha, Edinburgh Woollen Mill – 10/11/2011Will definitely recommend – brilliant! – Arthur Hughes – 09/11/2011Would just like to thank Select for all their help, brilliant – Ian Simons – 07/11/2011?Nokia CK200 works well with Nokia e72 and Iphone 3GS – Sam – 03/11/2011Motorola TK 30 – can charge my iPod and connects 2 Phones – LMC – 03/11/2011Parrot MKi 9200 fitted screen and remote separate- Fred – 03/11/2011Excellent service – Michael Lucani – 02/11/2011Brilliant service and quick turnaround – Rob Seager – 02/11/2011Parrot ck3100 – Nick – 01/11/2011Bury Music 9060 – love that I can pair 2 phone – Ian – 01/11/2011Thank you for the service call- all sorted Anglea Cancer Research UK – 27/10/2011supply bury system 8 – thanks – 25/10/2011Thank you for de-installing my car kit – Nick – 25/10/2011Thank you for service call – Dan – 24/10/2011Parrot MKi 9100 fantastic kit very easy to use. Gillian – 20/10/2011Tracker de and re installed thanks – Andy – 20/10/2011thanks for supplying AD9060 work very well. Ryan – 18/10/2011Parrot MK9200 very user friendly kit. Barry – 12/10/2011The assistance has been great – 11/10/2011overall a very good kit – Kenny, OCE – 07/10/2011engineer very helpful, great kit and service – Stephen, OCE – 06/10/2011Love Motorola TK 30 car kit- Louise – 04/10/2011great kit and overall good experience – Ray – 05/09/2011massive thanks to Select staff and engineer for supplying and fitting my kit to a great standard, will definitely recommend – Dennis – 02/09/2011Select solved all issues with my Parrot kit, not had any problems since. Thanks! – Jade – 31/08/2011will definitely recommend Motorola TK-30 kit in future – Eva – 30/08/2011excellent service provided – John, OCE – 29/08/2011my Parrot kit works great with my iPhone – Max – 26/08/2011will definitely recommend – Steve – 25/08/2011highly recommend the Parrot MKi9200, great piece of kit – Sean – 24/08/2011great customer service, can’t fault it – John @ OCE – 23/08/2011friendly staff and engineer, great kit, overall great experience. will definitely use again in future – Belinda – 23/08/2011fantastic THB kit, can’t fault it – Geraldine – 18/08/2011cannot fault the service provided – Geraldine – 18/08/2011friendly helpful staff and great service provided – Stuart – 16/08/2011highly recommendable – Stephanie, OCE – 12/08/2011The System 8 Base is a great kit. The whole experience went very well and select is a great company. John – 11/08/2011My Motorola TK30 is very reliable and easy to use. The kit looks great in my car and you cant see any of the wires. thanks select. Phil – 11/08/2011install went perfectly – Carolyn – 10/08/2011highly recommendable – Barbara – 10/08/2011Select’s service call sorted out my Parrot kit, great customer service! – Lesley – 10/08/2011fantastic kit and great company – Andy – 10/08/2011will definitely recommend the Parrot CK3100 – Brian – 05/08/2011brilliant customer care – Lizzie @ Cancer Research, UK – 05/08/2011a great service – Simon – 05/08/2011Installed Bury 9060 – voice recognition fantastic – Harriet – 04/08/2011great Parrot CK3100 and engineer – Chris – 04/08/2011kit works perfectly – Edith @ Cancer Research UK – 03/08/2011great kit and customer service – Alex @ OCE – 03/08/2011great reception on my THB kit – Stephen – 03/08/2011100% customer service – Peter @ OCE – 03/08/2011brilliant job by all – Steve – 02/08/2011fantastic kit and customer service – Clive – 01/08/2011highly recommend Motorola TK30, great kit – Gary – 01/08/2011Fantastic service – Paula @ Cancer Research – 29/07/2011highly recommend the THB System 8 – Mark – 29/07/2011love my new THB System 8 kit – John – 29/07/2011The THB looks great in my Astra. Yvonne – 28/07/2011CK600 kit working great after software flash – Rob @ OCE – 27/07/2011Thanks Select. Great service. Love the kit. Chris P – 26/07/2011fantastic job – James – 26/07/2011fantastic job of installing my tracker by engineer – Debbie – 26/07/2011service call solved all problems with my car kit – Sam – 26/07/2011highly recommend Motorola TK30, works perfect with my iPhone – Tim – 26/07/2011excellent customer service – Rob – 26/07/2011service call sorted all my problems – Andrew – 26/07/2011Parrot CK3100 is a brilliant kit – John – 25/07/2011Best customer service i have ever seen. Julian Edmundson – 21/07/2011Great service. Stuart W – 20/07/2011Parrot CK3100 software flash fixed all the problems I was having – Peter Glasgow – 20/07/2011The Parrot-MKi9200 is amazing. recomeded to everyone. G Haylock – 19/07/2011Fitted bury kit – Cancer Research UK – 18/07/2011Customer service is amazing. well done. N Waters – 18/07/2011The system 8 base is amazing. Sue – 18/07/2011Thanks Select. Ian – 18/07/2011CK3100 install accurately reproduce caller voice. Chris – 14/07/2011Install of system 9 cradle ***** – 14/07/2011System 8 is great with my I-phone. Ashley. G – 14/07/2011The Parrot-MKi9200 is a great kit. George G – 14/07/2011Thank you for de installing my car kit – Vickylynne – 14/07/2011THB bluetooth Cradle for my Nokia 6303 is amazing. chris – 13/07/2011Great customer service. Kip – 13/07/2011CK3100 Parrot- absolutely over the moon with install, all fitted very smoothly, very happy. John Forsyth – 13/07/2011The system 8 looks superb with my Blackberry curve-8520. Thank you select. – 12/07/2011The install was very professional. Rob – 12/07/2011Swift install. R Baxter – 12/07/2011great service. Sandra – 12/07/2011Parrot MKi 9200 – Iain – 11/07/2011Another successful Bury install – Cancer Research UK Ltd – 11/07/2011Good customer care and great service. Ian – 11/07/2011Thank you for installing my own kit – Andrew Brook – 11/07/2011THB System 8 iso base installed into Volvo s40 – Gerard Byne – 09/07/2011Parrot ck3100 – Caroline – 08/07/2011The System 8 Base is amazing. Sylvia Arlett – 07/07/2011Thank for the service call – Les – 07/07/2011service call for CK3100 with i phone 4 cradle – 07/07/2011Great install and very professional. Jade Healey – 06/07/2011swift and efficient. The install fitted around my day and was very professional. Helen Day – 06/07/2011The 30 THB ISO system 8 that has been installed- Thank you River Fen Farms – 06/07/2011Installed CK300 into Tractor. AM Contracting – Andrew – 06/07/2011Very effective service call – all issues resolved Jamie @ TNS Wisbech – 06/07/2011Good engineer and he was very quick. R Hill – 06/07/2011fantastic to have my phone charging . Steven Barco – 05/07/2011The new kit looks great in my VW Golf. Thanks. N Howard – 05/07/2011All information was given. very informative. good service. thank you for everything. David – 04/07/2011Great customer care. Very swift and convenient. R. Turner – 04/07/2011The Parrot-CK3100, echo cancellation and noise reduction is very reliable. The amazing thing is that you can store 150 names. thanks for the brilliant service. mark – 02/07/2011Good customer care. Very convenient. Roz – 01/07/2011Extremely professional, very convenient, good service and the engineer was very prompt. Derek – 01/07/2011Fault-less service and very affordable. D.Caridge – 01/07/2011The install looks great in my Tranist. thanks. Clare – 01/07/2011friendly and brilliant install. Derek – 01/07/2011The service for my Rover went very well. thank you for the impressive service. Liz – 01/07/2011Thank you for installing a handfree into my DAF truck went well :) – 01/07/2011The Parrot-CK3100 has a very helpful caller-id on the LED display. Everything is still working well and I have had no problems. Many thanks. Sam – 01/07/2011Thank you Select. Sam – 01/07/2011thanks for a superb de-install. R. Thulborn – 30/06/2011CK600 works very well in my Volvo V50 with high performance radio – Jason @ OCE UK LTD – 30/06/2011The LCD display is extremely cool. The Parrot Ck3100 has a amazing voice recognition system. Very fun to use. John – 30/06/2011Superb service, great engineer, brilliant customer care. Tony Robinson-Gamby – 29/06/2011**** thanks for service call – kit working 100% now – Biggs Amasco Ltd – 29/06/2011Really quick de-install. Great customer care. John Mc Guinness – 28/06/2011The THBSystem 8 Base looks great with my Blackberry curve 9300. Tom – 27/06/2011Thanks for service call. CK3100 now back to normal, Barry OCE Ltd UK – 27/06/2011great service and very professional. recomeded to all. Paul Jordan, Warwickshire – 27/06/2011The system 8 base is very reliable. great engineer. very helpful. Allan. W – 24/06/2011CK3100 service call – John OCE UK LTD – 24/06/2011Thanks for the quick and brilliant service of my Parrot-CK3100. C. Taylor – 23/06/2011The install was superb. It looks great in my new Honda. Susan – 23/06/2011The THB system 8 has an amazing high quality reception through the external antenna. Ray Bonner – 23/06/2011Thank you Select. A great service. My Parrot-CK3100 is working great. Steve.G – 22/06/2011great service. Susan. W – 21/06/2011Thanks for a great service. Sonia – 17/06/2011The THB system 8 looks great in my BMW. It also has a automatic radio mute function and perfect voice output which is very impressing. thanks. O.Collins – 17/06/2011The kit looks great in my jaguar and you cant see any wires or anything. Its amazing. I love it. thanks. Luthful.B – 17/06/2011Brilliant. Exceptional. Thanks for the service. Trevor – 17/06/2011Then Parrot CK-3100 is an amazing piece of kit. very affordable. Easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. LIzzi – 16/06/2011The install was swift and the engineer was impressive. The whole service was very impressive. N. Russell – 16/06/2011My de-install was fine. No problems. Overall it was a good service. Thanks. Harriet – 15/06/2011Engineer is good and always helpful – Robert – 13/05/2011Truly one – Download phone book automatically which is very convenient – Ray – 10/05/2011Engineer did parrot software upgrade – Dean – 10/05/2011Parrot CK3100 The sound quality is fantastic and I have had no complaints from callers the other end. Greg – 10/05/2011CK 3100 -Absolutely brilliant device but you do need a professional to install it. ALAN – 05/05/2011Quality kit, I like the fact the screen removes, well fitted by the engineer. John OCE UK LTD – 04/05/2011CC 9060 — This product is simply the best on the market. Graham – 27/04/2011TK30 – clear as a bell – reduced background noise so calls are really clear and easy to hear. Fraser Lawson – 23/04/2011Thank you for installing my own car kit — Mike – 21/04/2011Bury System 8 car kit–Excellent transmission and reception quality thanks to external antenna Karomed Ltd – 20/04/2011Bury system 8 cradle has a quick and easy snap-in mounting of the connecting units Karomed Ltd – 20/04/2011Bury system 8 cradle give the charging function Karomed Ltd – 20/04/2011 Brilliant kit. It does what it says. Helen Chapman OCE UK LTD – 19/04/2011Thanks for service call – Duncan Barua – 19/04/2011Novaro Truly One – Very easy to stream music though phone. Roger G – 19/04/2011Thanks for the service call – all problems not resolved. Telle Machus – 19/04/2011Thank you for installing my own Parrot kit. Estella – 18/04/2011Thank you for de installing my car kit– Richard — April 2011 – 15/04/2011Parrot MKi 9200 – Fantastic kit – loves that it will stream my music from the iPhone. Donna – 15/04/2011THB Bury music – easy to use touch screen that is detachable. Naeem – 15/04/2011CK600 Quality kit, I like the fact the screen removes, well fitted by the engineer. James E – 13/04/2011Thanks for installing my own kit — Peel Cruise – 11/04/2011CK100 streams music from your mobile phone and povides perfect stereo audio. John – G53 – 07/04/2011CK3100- This is a fantastic little unit BUT there are some phones that it is not immediately compatible. Richard – 06/04/2011Thanks for service call – kit working perfectly again. A Haigh – 06/04/2011THB bury system 8 – Quick and easy snap-in mounting of the connecting units – exactly what I needed – Dave Birmingham – 05/04/2011CK 200 is fantastic – excellent to be able to connect 2 mobiles at the same time – 05/04/2011Bury system work well in my Daf Truck- Glen @ Felixstowe – 02/04/2011I can stream my music from your mobile phone using A2DP technology and have perfect stereo audio. Octagon driver – 01/04/2011CK600 – can download up to 3000 numbers. D Lowe OCE UK LTD – 31/03/2011bury system 8 -Excellent transmission and reception quality thanks to external antenna. TNS Ltd – 30/03/2011THB system 8 car kit – Charging function thanks to cradles Richard Pipe TNS Ltd – 30/03/2011Thanks for installing my own kit and supplying brodit holder – Steve Lowe – 30/03/2011CK600 Fantastic kit to use – Peter Hudson – 29/03/2011Thanks for the service call to update Parrot software ; William Parker – Kilwinning – 28/03/2011Motorola TK30 works with both my iPhone and iPod and has excellent surround sound Chris – Basingstoke – 28/03/2011CK600 very easy to sync my contact directly – Darain – OCE UK LTD – 28/03/2011THB BURY music hold as many as 10 handsets, 100 txt messages and 15000 contacts. Tom in London – 24/03/2011Thanks for installing my own kit- very professional service provided. Gerald Sweeney Camabridge – 24/03/2011Thanks for de installing my car kit. Steve – 23/03/2011Motorola tk30 with the bordit charging holder is perfect hands free solution for my iPhone 3GS – Susan – Bristol – 22/03/2011Nokia CK600 very tidy kit and work 100%. Mike Lowndes OCE Ltd – 16/03/2011ck3100 Absolutely brilliant device but you do need a professional to install it. Would recommend it very highly. – 16/03/2011Successful service call thank you. D.S. Smith Packaging – 15/03/2011Bury ISO system 8 car kit works very well and charges my phone. Britannic Technologies – 15/03/2011De & re install of Bury iso system 8 charging kit – thank you Johh Luger – 14/03/2011Motorola TK30 very neat and tidy kit. Deborah – 14/03/2011Thanks you for doing service call – SN Machinery – Southery – 10/03/2011Thank you for install my own kit. PIPS TECHNOLOGY LTD – 21/02/2011THB bury music kit is fantastic kit. Rick @ G’s Marketing – 16/02/2011Parrot software upgrade solved all my problems. Roy OCE UK – 14/02/2011Thank you for setting up by blue tooth system in my vehicle. Tom @ AHDB Kenilworth – 10/02/2011Motorola TK30 works with both my iPhone and iPod and has excellent surround sound – David Biggin – 08/02/2011THB SYSTEM 8 WORKING VERY WELL – CANCER RESEARCH UK – 07/02/2011Thank you for service call. Paul – 05/02/2011THB ISO system 8 is a user friendly kit and I like the idea of being able to change my own cradle – no engineer cost – Tony in MITCHAM – 01/02/2011CK3100 Advantages: easy to set up and use, great audio Disadvantages: annoying accent on the automated messages. – 28/01/2011Thanks for supplying Parrot-CK3100- Pat – 27/01/2011Thanks for the service call on my broken Parrot. Fen-grain – 26/01/2011ck3100 nice kit works well thanks for all your help – 24/01/2011good work thank you for your help – 24/01/2011Another Bury system 8 – working well – TNS Ltd Ely – 24/01/2011CK200 – connects to two phones at the same time, OCE UK LTD – 21/01/2011CK3000 was install – thanks Dawn – 21/01/2011Parrot CK3000 holds 500 names making calling very convenient when in traffic. Grant – 21/01/2011THB ISO SYSTEM 8 – Excellent transmission and reception quality thanks to external antenna** – 20/01/2011Thank you for installing my own kit – Chris – 20/01/2011Thank you for the service call. Julian – 19/01/2011TK30 lets you enjoy your music in rich hi-fi sound on the go. Jane – 19/01/2011THB system 8 ISO kit -is excellent – love the fact that it charges my phone – Biomerieux UK Ltd – 18/01/2011THB bury music with my i Phone 4 can select song, artist, album, genre etc. via voice command or touch screen. Thanks that’s exactly what I was looking for. Nicholas – 18/01/2011Thank for doing the de install of my car kit – Joe – 17/01/2011Bury System 8 into Scania – working very well. Bradley – 15/01/2011TK30 with steering wheel control is fantastic. Medrad UK Ltd – 10/01/2011CK3100 – software update – OCE UK Ltd – 04/01/2011Thank you for doing a software upgrade on the blue tooth car kit. Working perfectly _ River Fen Farms – 23/12/2010CK 200 is fantastic – excellent to be able to connect 2 mobiles at the same time – 22/12/2010CK600 very easy to sync my contact directly to the kit – Gary @ OCE UK LTD – 22/12/2010Motorola TK30 fantastic kit. Thank you – 21/12/2010THB Bury Music – Fantastic to be able to pair 2 phone simultaneously. Fergal – 14/12/2010CK 600 – plays my favorite music through the car speakers Ron – 14/12/2010THB Bury system 8 excellent transmission and reception quality thanks to external antenna. Peter Country Side Properties – 10/12/2010THB bury Music – reads out text messages, & e-mails. – 10/12/2010THB Bury system 8 with fitted cradle is fantastic, my mobile close to hand with no more worries about charging my mobile at home. Stacey – 09/12/2010Exactly what I have been looking for. I drive a tractor trailer so wanted a hands free system with high volume that can be incorporated in my sound system and the Parrot CK3100 did just that. John from Riverfen Farms – 03/12/2010Thank you for the service call on my Parrot CK3100. Oce UK Ltd – 03/12/2010motorola tk30 five star ! well done – 02/12/2010Thanks for installing my own kit, very professional job. Ian in Ossett – 02/12/2010works well thank you – 23/11/2010Job well done. Cancer Research UK – 15/11/2010I found Select to be very efficient and I am very happy with the installation of the car kit in a Company van. I am now thinking of having one installed in my own car. – 09/11/2010Full Marks! I appreciated the knowledge and availability of the engineers to answer my questions. – 05/11/2010Friendly, reliable service – 04/11/2010Fantastic! – 03/11/2010Select provided 1st class service and ensured that any queries were answered with the utmost efficiency. – 03/11/2010Will you please pass on my thanks to your whole team for a fantastic customer experience. I have been very impressed from the start of my dealings with your company, from the response I received to my initial enquiry, through the order follow up, prompt delivery of the parts and follow up to make sure all items had been received, through to the installation which was completed today. I think you are an excellent company to deal with and I would wholeheartedly recommend you to others. Thank you once again Regards Paul Brien – 29/10/2010I am very impressed with the professional efficient service i received. I am very happy with my installation, many thanks. Paul Murray – 29/10/2010Excellent Job – Quick install top grade engineer. OCE UL LTD – 13/10/2010Top engineer, CK600 kit working well. OCE Ltd – 10/09/2010Technical information on kit supplied was excellent. OCE UK Ltd – 07/09/2010Fantastic engineer, job went very well. Jon OCE UK Ltd – 02/09/2010Mark – Install went verey well, engineer expl – 31/08/2010Cradle arrived next day, very pleased with prompt service. – 26/08/2010eEverything happened when it should, at the time it should, and everything works perfectly. – 23/08/2010Customer happy, carkit fitted efficiently – 20/08/2010good work – Russel – 09/08/2010Have to say it was a pleasure dealing with you and your engineer, efficient and friendly…..the best service I have had for some time! Well done. Leapfrog Research and Planning Ltd – 03/08/2010Extremely pleased kit does exactly as i was advised. Great engineer, great service! Mike Thornley – Smurfit Kappa. – 26/07/2010The Parrot MKi 9200 is very affordable and has some amazing helpful features. It is amazing on the music side if things. Thanks. Walter – 05/07/2010EXCELLENT ENGINEER – VERY HELPFUL – OCE LTD – 21/06/2010Engineer did excellent job, explained the kit and was very helpful. SWISSMAID UK LTD – 17/06/2010Excellent job. Grovemere – 10/06/2010Technical information on kit supplied was excellent. Country Side Properties. Wendy – 09/06/2010Kit working very well, excellent engineering, OCE Ltd – 02/06/2010Excellent work. OCE UK Ltd – 26/05/2010vary fast thank you THE POTTER GROUP UK – 26/05/2010Very experienced engineer, and excellent demonstration. Cancer Research UK – 21/05/2010Excellent job.Alan – 20/05/2010Technical information on kit supplied was excellent. OCE UK Ltd – Weston Rhyn – 20/05/2010Technical information on kit supplied was excellent. Stuart. – 19/05/2010Very efficient company. OCE UK Ltd – 17/05/2010My experience of your company so far is hugely positive, and I have shared this internally here, I hope others can benefit too. – 14/05/2010All went well, done in record time. Very impressed. James – 10/05/2010Thank goodness not more points on my licence. Lena – 07/05/2010Excellent job, engineer wonderful, explained the function extremely well. Will not hesitate to recommend Select to my friends. Rob – 05/05/2010All went well, done in record time. OCE LTD – 04/05/2010Engineeer arrived early and did an excellent job. Parrot was explained fully. Douglas F S T TECHNOLOGIES LTD – 04/05/2010Excellent job, engineer wonderful, explained the function extremely well. Mike OCE UK Ltd – 30/04/2010Very experienced engineer, and excellent demonstration. John OCE UK Ltd – 30/04/2010Extremely good technical support. Doug – 28/04/2010Excellent job – Janet – 28/04/2010Parrot software upgrade working very well. Cameron Oce UK Ltd – 28/04/2010Good service all round. Fantastic having a car kit. – Judy – 16/04/2010Happy with kit-David – 16/04/2010Engineer did fantastic job. OCE Ltd – 06/04/2010vary happy thank you good guy that came out to me – 30/03/2010Excellent Service will sure Select Telecom again – Bob – 25/03/2010Very polite. courteous and did a great job. Took time to explain how it alll worked. OCE Ltd – 22/03/2010Just a very quick email to say the bloke who fitted my car kit Monday was very polite, courteous and did a great job. He also took the time to explain how it all worked and he even had a quick look at Neil McMinn car kit after to assist – very polite chap – 11/03/2010Excellent service, engineer was very well informed. Bury Kit is fantastic. Martyn – 20/02/2010more than happy thank you Global motion LTD – 29/01/2010Motorola TK30 works with both my iPhone and iPod and has excellent surround sound. Paul – 27/01/2010Excellent Job – quick and efficient – Ray – 25/01/2010a job well done very professional oce.ltd – 04/01/2010Fantastic job! OCE (UK) LTD. – 04/01/2010Engineer did excellent job. Cancer Researach UK – 18/12/2009Engineer very helpful. Cancer Researach UK – 18/12/2009working perfectly, great job, installed very quickly. Clean Machine – 18/12/2009Customer happy with install and engineer gave excellent training on functions of kit. OCE UK LTD – 16/12/2009Every thing working well. Care Principles – 10/12/2009Excellent service, Engineer was extremely helpful and explained all the kit functions in detail – OCE Ltd – 03/12/2009vary happy with price and service ISLE SMALL ANIMAL VETERINARY CENTRE – 19/11/20092 down 9 to go so far so good both work well CLEAN MACHINE (UK) LTD – 19/11/2009value for money – 16/11/2009i would like to say good people to deal with .oce ltd – 13/11/2009thank you nice job COUNTRYSIDE PROPERTIES LTD – 13/11/2009a good job well done – 11/11/2009fixed thank you select – 29/10/2009vary happy good work Geoff works well – 28/10/2009Thanks for fitting the kit everthing was great and we will use ou again. Gateway Motor Company – 19/10/2009Thanks again for a great service. Please pass my thanks on to all at Select telecom who made this a success, as I know Audi A6’s are tricky. Steve – 03/09/2009Very quick and efficient engineer, great job! Mr. Boothroyd from Keighley. – 29/06/2009Brilliant engineer, good job. Mr. Chapple from Seaton Tackle Shop. – 29/06/2009Absolutely wonderful, engineer was very neat and tidy. Mr. Ansell from Velfac LTD. – 24/06/2009Great engineer, everythings working well. Mr. Gibson from London. – 23/06/2009Absolutely fantasic engineer, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Mr. Kidd from Farnborough. – 22/06/2009Absolutely fantastic, great engineer and very pleased with the car kits. Mr. Olsen from The Estate Office, Andover. – 19/06/2009Excellent, thank-you. Samantha from Professional Fee Protection. – 18/06/2009Absolutely Perfect! Mr. Hook from Bupa home healthcare. – 17/06/2009All went very well, thank-you. Angela from Bupa home healthcare. – 16/06/2009Everything went very well, thank-you very much. Mike from Hunters Stoves LTD. – 16/06/2009Superb, excellent engineer! Peter from TILBE INTERIORS. – 16/06/2009Service call went very well, everythings now working brilliantly. Mr. Southern from Zenith Logistics. – 15/06/2009Install went well. Firstan Ltd – 12/06/2009Very pleased. Mr. Roby from London. – 12/06/2009First class engineer, left everything nice and tidy. Colin from Fairfield care Scotland. – 11/06/2009Very good engineer problem all sorted! Mr. Gibbs from Belle Engineering LTD. – 10/06/2009If I hadn’t known the engineer was coming I would not have known he had been in my car – 29/04/2009good fast and a job well done thank you – 23/04/2009Fantastic job thanks very much. Peter from Cancer research UK. Kent. – 11/03/2009Great job all working fine! Dale from Cancer research UK. Doncaster. – 11/03/2009Engineer done a great job thanks. Simon from Hertfordshire. – 10/03/2009All great, no problems! Darren from Cancer Research UK. Cheshire. – 09/03/2009Sound job! Mr. Sheridan from Rugdley. – 09/03/2009Absolutley brilliant thank-you. Mr. Jewitt from County Durham. – 07/03/2009Absolutley top draw! Mark from N D M Metal roofing and cladding LTD. Alperton. – 06/03/2009All great, no problems! Mr. Little from Cancer Research UK. Ayrshire. – 05/03/2009Working very well thank-you. Philip from Carlton Ind. Croydon. – 04/03/2009Top marks, fantastic, i really can’t fault it! Richard from Knight Support Europe Ltd. Woking. – 04/03/2009Very good service! Dennis from Crawley. – 02/03/2009My car phone kit has been fitted and is working exceedingly well. Your Engineer was right on time, courteous and efficient. Job well done. Staffordshire. Mr. Dean from People Remedy Ltd. – 25/02/2009Everythings superb, engineer was very helpful! David from ITW Finishing. Ayrshire. – 23/02/2009Very good service 100%! Mr. Bruse from Hammersmith. – 23/02/2009Great customer care! Alan from Great Wakering. – 22/02/2009Very happy speaking to you on it now! Mr. Freestone from Donaldson Filtration. Histon. – 19/02/2009Very happy thank-you. – 17/02/2009Ticks all the boxes, works fantastic! Mr. Ward from Rugby. – 16/02/2009All went well good job mark Nottingham 13/02/09 – 13/02/2009Really terrific engineer! Mr Moore from Fordingbridge. – 11/02/2009Engineer arrived on time. Car kit looks great! Mrs. Stephen from Foundation for Water Research. Marlow. – 10/02/2009Great kit thanks! Sandra from Bupa Home Healthcare. Norfolk. – 06/02/2009Excellent job thanks. Terence from Southampton. – 05/02/2009All good! Mr. Parcell from FB Heli services LTD. Basingstoke. – 04/02/2009Really helpful, punctual and reliable engineer. Laura from Cancer research. Nottingham. – 04/02/2009Any problems quickly sorted, very happy overall. Mr. Nielsen from Nielson LTD. Cumbria. – 04/02/2009Very pleased would be happy to recommend. Sonia from Christ Kennicott Water Technology. Wolverhampton. – 02/02/200910/10 very pleased! Sonia from Christ Kennicott Water Technology. Wolverhampton. – 02/02/2009Very happy with the service provided by Select car Kits Elizabeth from Cancer Research UK. Troon. – 02/02/2009Great service. Colin from Countryside properties PLC. Essex. – 02/02/2009Prompt and efficient service. Engineer was very polite. Mrs Stevens from Bupa Home Healthcare. Derby. – 30/01/2009Went very well! Mr. Ambrose from Uxbridge. – 28/01/2009Many thanks, 2 jobs done very well! Mr Green from Kerry and Green Financial Services LTD. Spalding. – 27/01/2009Everythings great thank-you. Elisa from Bupa Home Healthcare. Wolverhampton. – 26/01/2009Very happy with the service provided by Select Car Kits! Mr. Stokes from Mecc Alte UK LTD. Rutland. – 26/01/2009It’s changed my life, I love it! Jo from Bupa Home Healthcare, Essex. – 22/01/2009Everythings working fine, fantastic engineer! Mr Brookhouse from Forbo-Siegling, Birmingham. – 22/01/2009Great service, really loved the fact that you came out to the workplace to fit the kits. Our drivers are really happy with them! NIBE Energy systems LTD. Chesterfield. – 21/01/2009I would be delighted to recommend you to others! Mike from Reliance Security Services LTD, Uxbridge. – 20/01/2009Very pleased neat and tidy engineer. 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Tony from DHL, Warrington. – 24/12/2008Very reliable and flexible company! Mike from Bupa Home Healthcare, Derby. – 23/12/2008Very impressed! Mr. Henham from Kent. – 23/12/2008Giving a score out of 10, i’d give an 11! Excellent job and great engineer. Mr. Bohan from Palace Scenery LTD, Middlesex – 22/12/2008Excellent left my car very neat and tidy! Mr. Ansell from Velfac, Hildersham. – 19/12/2008Found you really easily on the internet and got great service! Penny from Riverside Garden Centre, Hartford. – 19/12/2008Great service really helpful company. Mala from Clinovia, Hertfordshire. – 18/12/2008Fast, effcient service. Mr. Broster from Countryside Properties, Essex. – 17/12/2008Very happy, no problems! G T Paper and Packaging, Stoke on Trent. – 17/12/2008Excellent service. Samantha from Redspeed, Kidderminster. – 16/12/2008Absolutley brilliant service! Lisa from Bupa home healthcare, Newquay. – 15/12/2008I would be delighted to refer business further business your way! 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Isle Vet Group, Cambridgeshire. – 06/11/2008Great engineer, 10/10! Mr. Gibbs from Belle Engineeering Ltd. – 05/11/2008Everything ran very smoothly, great service. Glenda, Cancer Research UK Belfast. – 04/11/2008Brilliant, friendly and very professional engineer! International Hotel Group, West Midlands. – 04/11/2008Very professional and a very efficient service. Liz, Countryside Properties Plc, Essex. – 04/11/2008Very, very good service. If i need another hands-free installation i’ll definately use you! Ben from Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk, Kings Lynn. – 03/11/200810/10 great engineer! Mr. Whitmore from Borough Council of King\’s Lynn and West Norfolk. – 03/11/2008Highly recommended, i have already recommended you to some other companies! Mr. Hicks from SNA EUROPE, Kent. – 30/10/2008No problems, great service. Mr. Bradley, Launton. – 30/10/2008Great experience, thanks for all your help. I will be sending new business your way! 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Charles – 00/00/0000Excellent service, can’t fault it – Steve – 00/00/0000good kit will tell my friends – 00/00/0000your parts service is vary good ordered one day got it next day – 00/00/0000nice kit works well – 00/00/0000Nice work thank you – 00/00/0000would buy and recommend ++++++++++ – 00/00/0000you know what you are talking about – 00/00/0000Thank you vary happy good service and price – 00/00/0000wow just saved three points thanks guy’s – 00/00/0000Thanks nice kits works well – 00/00/0000talking happy and safe thank you – 00/00/0000First class job thank you. – 00/00/0000kit works much better now fixed – 00/00/0000i would recommend you to my friends – 00/00/0000Good job works well would recommend you guys – 00/00/0000I have already recommended you to someone else, fantastic service i’d give you 12 out of 10! Karen from Tradebe LTD, Newport. – //Everythings great thanks. Mr. Booth from DB Mechanical & Electrical LTD. Watford. – //15 all done thanks guys – //bmw fiscon kit nice job thank you – //All 4 car kits working great thanks. Anthony from Club la Costa PLC. London. – //Very efficient service, it’s nice to see that someone knows what they are doing, thanks very much – //Excellent service, very quick turn around time BEDFORD – //i would recomend you to all my friends ,martin from OCE LTD – //Very happy with install. Goodrich Actuation Systems – //Great job. Thank you! Goodrich Actuation Systems – //Good servive thank you B Pearce – //Thank you always good service TNS Ely – //Thank you for your efficient service. Cancer Research UK – //Thank you Once again, excellent service! Best regards Joan Leapfrog Research and Planning Ltd – //Thanks for supplying i Phone 4 Bury cradle – Clayton – //bury thb car kit works like a dream thanks – //Mini Parrot Slim UK** Once paired, all I have to do is get in the car and turn it on. – //WOW ! you guys know your car kits i will use you again – //Thanks for the supply of Bury system 8 cradle. Robert – //Another job well done thank you – //Thanks for suppling THB Bury cradle. Paula – //Thank you for suppling THB Bury cradle – Heyley – //Thanks for the supply of THB cradle. Cancer Research UK – //Now software flash has been done kit work 100% OCE UK LTD – //Thanks again for the supply for bury cradle. Cancer Research UK – //I had a bury music nice kit thanks for all your help – //5 stars Just the job. I’m entirely happy with Parrot Mini. No complaints at all for this product. – //THB bury Nokia 6300 Cradle supplied. Cancer Research UK – //Thb system 8 and leather pod is the perfect system for my vehicle. Fred – //Thanks for supplying bury cradle – TNS Ltd – //Thank you for supplying the BB9780 cradle. Steve – //Supply of Bury i Phone 4 cradle — Boto Communications – //Supply of iPhone 3g bury cradle – Mark – //Thank you for supplying iPhone 4 bury cradle – Tony – //everything was brilliant. Geoff Parish – //Thank you for supplying THB Bury cradle. TNS – //Amazing service. Thank you. John Downs – //Great repair. Shaun. N – //Great service. Thank you select. James – //Everything went very smoothly. Andy Gillet – //The kit looks great alonside my I-phone 4. S. Baldock – //Thanks for the peace of mind with 24 month warranty on all parts. David – //Everything fitted around my day and was all very affordable and convenient – //Thnks for supplying black berry torch THB cradle – OCE UK Ltd – //Supplied bury cradle – Niki – //Great engineer. Great service. Mike T – //Another supply only of THB bluetooth cradle for Cancer Research – //outstanding install and customer service. 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Trish – //supply of Nokia 6021 Bury cradle – //Supply of i phone 4 THB system – thank you Synergy Design – //Quick response to calls – //Fast helpful advice – //Thank you for the quick delivery of Bury cradle – Darren – //Love my car kit, will definitely recommend Select’s service – Mark Sharples – //Great support team – //Quick turn around service – //Polite staff who deliver good customer service – //Great communication and customer service – //Very helpful and the service was of good quality – //Very happy with the service I received – //Fast and efficient customer service – //High quality service – //Very happy with the customer service – //Highly recommended – //Quick response to questions – //Prompt service – //I am very pleased with the service – //Very efficient service, Thanks River Fen Farms – //Prompt Service call – thank you Kevin – //THB SYSTEM 8 BT Premium cradle is fantastic with my smart phone. Tony – //Thank you for supplying new Parrot remote. Billy – //SUPPLY ONLY OF PARROT CK3100 – //SUPPLY OF NOKIA C1-01 AND CRADLE -THANK YOU. RIVERFEN FARMS – //SUPPLY BT PREMIUM CRADLE FOR HTC RADAR- BARWAY – //SUPPLIED NOKIA 6303i CRADLE THANK YOU CANCER RESEARCH UK – //Thanks for supply Bury Nokia cradle – Cancer Research UK – //Bury Nokia cradle supplied thanks. Cancer Research UK – //Thank you suppling THB Bury cradle – Janice – //Supplied THB Bury Cradle for BB 9320, Liz – //Bury System 9 base & cradle for Black berry 9300 – //Supplied Bury Blackberry 9790 cradle. Guy – //Problem sorted with Parrot CK3100. Thanks Simon – //prompt repair would recommend – //iPhone 5 THB cradle – thank you Nicola – //Supply of Bury BB9320 cradle- – //Thganks for prompt supply of Bury cradle. Barco – //Thanks for THB Bury iPhone 4S cradle – //Thanks for supplying iPhone 5 THB cradle. Pat – //Supply of Iphone 5 Cradle – – //Thanks for suppling iPhone 5 system 9 cradles. PFP – //Supply only of Bury 9058. Thanks – //Supply of Nokia Lumia 920 cig holder – Thanks – //Another cradle for Cancer Research UK – //Good service at a keen price what more can I say – //

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